I Love the Gifts, But I Love the Memories More!

I grew up in a household with two working parents and I had a pretty normal childhood. I always had the things that I needed along with things I wanted. Although I wasn’t super spoiled as far as materialistic things, my parents made sure I was up to date with the trends. On Christmas I got the expensive things that I wanted throughout the year. Christmas was always good for me as a kid.  At the same time I was a very independent kid and I was also into getting others Christmas gifts. Having my first job at 14 allowed me to buy myself anything I wanted so materialistic items was never a big issue for me.

But I would never forget when I was seventeen years old and I only got one thing for Christmas. I was devastated! I thought “how dare my parents”. But then I thought “I am seventeen now and there are people who don’t get anything.” 

One year later I turned eighteen and I didn’t get anything! I thought I was going to die! I cried so hard! Nothing? No one thought about me? I had the blues. I was so down. I didn’t want to leave my bed, but eventually I did. I got up, went out and had a good time with my family & that is when I realized that fun meant more than any present I could have gotten.

As Christmas approaches I see a lot of parents trying their best to get their kids everything they want to fulfill a dream. Get what you can and make the best out of it! Children are naturally grateful. Even though I am not a parent, let’s teach our children the importance of the actual memories instead of gifts!


Meet the Writer

Rainel McKey was born and raised in Harlem. She is 23 years old and is passionate about her zodiac sign, an Aries! She is outgoing, fun, honest, loyal and blunt! Sometimes too blunt! But never close minded. She is very family orientated and loves to dance, laugh and write plays. Being passionate about writing she currently enjoys building the writing skills of her six graders while also working on her own. Check her out on instagram @__californiaa !

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