Before We Say “This Generation is Different”, They Need Our Support!

Recently I became a teachers assistant and prior to this, I always judged the young kids who don’t have any respect for others or themselves. Thinking to myself, why are they this way? They don’t care how they look? They don’t care what people think? There is one answer to all of those questions. Their parents didn’t teach them otherwise/ any better.

I’ve worked with kids since I was a kid. I was 14 when I started counseling kids between ages 5-10 years old. I was just a kid myself learning everyday. As the years went on, I continued to work with children. Having other jobs in between, i always thought maybe I’m destined to work with children because here I am today, working with children. “This upcoming generation is different” as those who aren’t apart of it would say. Yes, I agree. But now that I am grown, and more wise I understand why things are so different much better.

One major problem is that some parents don’t take the time to teach their children what it means to have respect for themselves. A lot of the parents are young with no respect for themselves which makes it harder to teach. Other parents work so much, they don’t have time to spend with their children. The reasons go on. I have students who tell me “my mother don’t care”. If the parents at home does not care, why should the child care? Yes, we have those kids who are the total opposite of their environment, but that’s very rare. And yes we want the kids to care even if their parents don’t.

Another major problem is the attention parents lack when it comes to their children’s education. There are students who need help beyond services provided in a regular middle school. Then there are the parents who are completely unaware that their child need those services. Those are the same parents who don’t answer when the teacher call, doesn’t pick up the report card and never attend meetings. There is but so much a school system can do for a child without the help or permission of the parent.

My biggest problem when working with self-contained is that children with IEP (individual education plans) barely repeat the grade despite not being ready. The reason for that, is, it has to be proven that they are not being left back for the classified reason they have the IEP. Which is really hard. It saddens me because these kids are suffering daily. There are children 3/4 levels behind the actual grade they are in. Something has to be done!

As a teacher assistant, I try my very best to help my students improve academically & socially. What I ask of all parents who are reading this is to please be attentive when it comes to your children’s education. They are our future. We must teach, guide and direct them in the correct direction.


Meet the Writer

Rainel McKey was born and raised in Harlem. She is 23 years old and is passionate about her zodiac sign, an Aries! She is outgoing, fun, honest, loyal and blunt! Sometimes too blunt! But never close minded. She is very family orientated and loves to dance, laugh and write plays. Being passionate about writing she currently enjoys building the writing skills of her six graders while also working on her own. Check her out on instagram @__californiaa !

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