Sour Then Sweet

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19

So, its September 15, 2018 and my birthday is October 30, 2018. I always go away for my birthday but usually alone. This year, my mom said she would go with me. So I start searching for trips at the last minute and luckily I find a European tour on Groupon for only $800.

Boom, I call my mother and fill her in and try to figure out when we gone pay. She’s gassing me and saying that we’re going for sure and we’re going to pay for the whole trip on October 1st. So I start saving, buying outfits and just getting ready to slay for my birthday.

On September 30th, my mom calls and says “Mish, I need to get my own shit together so imma chill and not go on the trip with you.” Yall can imagine how tight I am at this point. Like I already bought mad clothes, saved my money and told all my friends!

Okay, so now what? Fuck it, ima just stay in the city I guess or do something simple like Puerto Rico.

Now it’s October 1st and I’m about to book my trip to P.R for a week. I get home from work, check the mailbox and go upstairs. I sort through my mail and it’s rent bill, con edison, credit card bill, and my damn phone bill. All at the same time! How the hell am I gonna drop $1000 on a flight and hotel when I got $2,400.00 in bills in front of me, 29 days from my birthday? So I start calculating my bills and money and realize I can’t do both. So as a responsible adult, I pay my bills and then I cry. 

At this point I’m sad, like its my birthday and I cant do shit. On top of that, I gotta pay these same bills again around the time of my bday! I’m over here arguing with my mom and I’m Broke and over it all!

Days are going by and a ya girl ain’t eaten right, she aint cute, and she can’t even talk to her mom because of the argument they had.

So I pray, and say “Dang God, it’s my birthday and I’m so sad. I honestly don’t feel like I deserve this. Like I’m nice, caring and faithful to you; why would you do this to me?”

Two days later, I get an email from school telling me my refund check is there and to come pick it up. Girl, it was $4,000.00!!!!! I paid my rent two months in advance, booked my trip, bought some blonde weave and was in Paris with my cousin living my best life! And your girl lost 5 pounds from being broke and hungry all month!! 

So what is the moral of this story?

Right Before God Blesses You, He Bites! It may seem hard, you may feel sad; but trust a blessing is right behind it!

You will be happy sis! You will get what you deserve! But you have to keep going!

So Pick Your Head Up, Put On Some Foundation And Concealer And Get Ready For The Blessing ahead!

Meet the Writer

Shannon Holder is a 27 year old, Afro-Latina who was born and raised in Harlem, NY. she is graduate of Buffalo State college with a focus in marketing and communication. Currently, she is a student of New York Theological Seminary where she is obtaining her Masters degree in Youth Ministry and Divinity. Her goal in life is to engage, educate and understand the youth and adults of her community while helping to facilitate positive change. Check her out on Instagram: @godsgift_fromabove !

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