Cheers! Here’s Some Holiday Ideas For You and Your Friends!

With the holiday season in full effect most of us will be seeing less of our friends. Some friends are traveling to their hometowns for the holidays, while some are busy at home with their own families. It may not be as easy to make those sporadic plans you were just making a few months ago. But you can plan a day with your friends based around a holiday. You can make unforgettable memories with your friends. Your friends are probably like family anyway so that’s more of a reason to spend a day with them this holiday season. You can plan an event filled day, or an event filled weekend if you’re up to it. Here are a few ideas to start off your holiday season with your friends:




There’s nothing more colorful and bright during the holiday season than the Christmas lights decorated on houses. Take a stroll through your neighborhood and nearby neighborhood with your friends to enjoy the sight. Grab some coffee from Starbucks or your local coffee shop to keep you warm on this stroll.



Invite your friends to attend a tree decorating event hosted by yourself. On the invitation make the main requirement be to bring an ornament for the tree. You can have classic holiday drinks; like hot chocolate, eggnog, coquito, and hot cider. By the way, to my ladies 21 and over, you can spike all of these drinks to your liking. You can even spice it up by asking your friends to wear ugly sweaters. This is always a fun, sociable way to interact with your friends during this season.



The definition of a Friends-giving is a Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. But you don’t have to have a Friends-giving on the exact holiday especially because a lot of your friends will be with their own families. So maybe the weekend before or after Thanksgiving you can gather your friends together and host a Friends-giving at your place. Just make sure everybody brings a dish so you don’t have to cook everything yourself.



Plan a day to go ice skating with your friends. You can to a local skating rink or find a good deal on Groupon! The more affordable the better because a lot of people have a lot to do around the holidays. If you are in the NYC area ice skating at Rockefeller Center is beautiful because you get an amazing view of the 94 foot Christmas tree.



Gather your friends for a night of sweets and treats. You can make all types of cookies while socializing and catching your friends up on what’s been going on with yourself. You can even take it back to the old days and make the sugar cookies with the little Santa faces and Christmas trees on them like your parents used to make when you were younger. I know we all remember those delicious cookies! And you can’t have a night without some amazing drinks like the ones listed in the tree decorating idea.



In my opinion, making a gingerbread house is probably one of the most fun and chill things you can do. It’s such a nostalgic activity because most of us remember making gingerbread houses as children. I remember being younger and going to see this huge life size gingerbread house every winter. It was always such a sight to see and made me want to make my own gingerbread house. You can find the materials and ingredients for gingerbread houses at your local craft stores like Michael’s or online on Amazon. If you want it to be more fun make it a competition


I hope these ideas bring you and your friends closer together this holiday season. Tis the season ladies.


Meet the Writer

Jasmine Barlow is a twenty-six years young woman born and raised in Staten Island, New York. She graduated with her B.A in Mass Communications from SUNY Oswego. Jasmine currently works in finance but is passionate about writing. She recently launched Wolrab On Wednesday, a discussion forum to engage both young men and women in discussions about taboo topics. Check her out on Instagram: @wolrabonwednesdays & @wolrab_ .

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