Here’s Some Advice: Stay Out of Your Friends Relationship!

I think we’ve all had that friend or we’ve been that friend who continuously goes back to their man after being abused whether it’s physically mentally or emotionally. And then we’ve had the friend or we’ve been the friend who absolutely hates the guys guts.

The question is always why? Why do you hate his guts!?

Well, our friend(s) come to us and tell us every single piece of information that’s going on in their relationship and asks for advice! After giving someone advice three times and watching them do the total opposite you began to hate the person who’s causing them to be so damn dumb! As friends we began to hate how the guy is taking advantage of our friend(s). When I say taking advantage I mean guys knowing that our friend loves them and has a weak spot for them and constantly hurting them because they know your friend isn’t going nowhere. Our friends undeniably ignore the fact that their boyfriend isn’t right for them and they continue to tolerate their behavior.

As a friend you began to become frustrated that she knows she’s being manipulated and is allowing it. It’s natural for you to want to protect your loved ones. They hurt, you hurt.

But I am here to tell both of you…

Girlfriend: Keep your problems to yourself!

Why? Because your friends start to hate your own boyfriend after hearing all the bad he does. All they see is a toxic situation when only you and him know exactly what goes on in your relationship and why. Now it’s awkward every time he’s around which becomes stressful for you when your loved ones can’t enjoy themselves in the same room.

Friend: Mind your damn business!

Why? Because you’ll start to care more than them which will make you lose your mind. So, for your sanity leave their situation alone. Friendships have been broken because of friends caring about the relationship more than the person in the relationship. Of course, if domestic violence is an issue we don’t want our girl to get hurt or worse lose her life, but you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved! People will do whatever they want regardless!

We don’t want to lose a friend because of their relationship. Be a friend and continue to support them but stay out of your friend(s) relationships!

Have you ever experienced your friend and boyfriend not getting along because of things you’ve told your friend about your relationship?

Meet the Author

Rainel McKey was born and raised in Harlem. She is 23 years old and is passionate about her zodiac sign, an Aries! She is outgoing, fun, honest, loyal and blunt! Sometimes too blunt! But never close minded. She is very family orientated and loves to dance, laugh and write plays. Being passionate about writing she currently enjoys building the writing skills of her six graders while also working on her own. Check her out on instagram @__californiaa !

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