Workplace Friends or Workplace Foes

Okay, so I’m gonna let you ladies in on a little secret! I was unemployed for nine months in 2017. Yes, nine WHOLE months! These were definitely some of the hardest months I’ve ever endured because I had such a financial burden on my shoulders. And we all know financial burdens turn into emotional burdens which can cause stress and affect our health.

I know you’re wondering what happened, right? My manager at a company I was temping at and I became very cool within the first few weeks of me working there. She let me in on all the drama in the department, let me come in later than what I clocked in, acted as a genuine friend to me, and even told me she wants to help me become permanent in the company. She would confide in me about her issues with the job so I felt comfortable to do the same and I just knew we would be friends.

After ten months of temping at this company I decided I wanted to end my temp assignment because I was only being asked to go on Starbucks runs. Being the prideful person I am, I knew I was worth more and felt like enough was enough! So I told my manager I didn’t want to work there anymore because I was no longer learning anything from the position. But I also specified that I would handle it with my temp agency and did not want her to say anything. Sure enough the next morning I was called into a meeting with that same manager and the VP. The VP then informed me that my temp assignment has been terminated because they got word that I “felt like I couldn’t grow” in the position anymore. So obviously my manager is who they got “word” from. And she just sat in the meeting and looked oblivious. She never came to defense and acted as if she and I were never friends. I felt so betrayed by her but more so I felt stupid and was angry with myself for letting someone get that close to me so quickly. I was at the job for ten months but I felt like she was a friend within weeks of being there.

Getting too close with her ended up being my biggest mistake and it became my downfall.

I was upset but I kept my big girl panties on, until I left the meeting. When I left the meeting reality hit that I was now unemployed. It angered me that I was about to be unemployed because I thought I had a friend in a co-worker/manager. I had a talk with an older coworker from a different department and he said this to me “It happened this one time but that’s not your fault. However, if it happens again you know you have to blame yourself. It’s all a learning process but don’t let it happen again!” And that just showed me that things happen; sometimes we trust the wrong people, sometimes we run off at the mouth more than we realize, and sometimes we’ll make mistakes. But as long as we learn our lesson the first time and don’t let it happen again we will progress.

Sis definitely messed up my bag though! But every growing pain is a step in the right direction to make us a better person. Always remember that at work you are there to work and not to socialize. Don’t put all of your trust into your colleagues because unfortunately there is only one spot at the top and some people are going to get there by any means possible.


Meet The Author

 Jasmine Barlow is a twenty-six years young woman born and raised in Staten Island, New York. She graduated with her B.A in Mass Communications from SUNY Oswego. Jasmine currently works in finance but is passionate about writing. She recently launched Wolrab On Wednesday, a discussion forum to engage both young men and women in discussions about taboo topics. Check her out on Instagram: @wolrabonwednesdays & @wolrab_ .

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