Why You Should Consider Oil Pulling

I first discovered oil pulling a few years ago when I started looking into a more holistic lifestyle.  I wanted to learn how to heal and manage my body naturally using all natural remedies if any health issues ever occurred. One day I came across an Instagram account by the name of @organic_olivia. The account informs its followers on natural ways to heal the body as well as the underlying cause of many diseases that plagues our society today.  It was this account that lead me to oil pulling. 

Oil pulling is an ancient practice from India that involves swishing oil in your mouth and in between your teeth to remove bacteria.  Some people are also known to practice this as a form of detox.  

The practice of oil pulling can really transform your health. Some studies suggest that oil pulling kills bacteria in the mouth and improves dental health. The mouth is a host to millions of bacteria, fungi viruses and other toxins, the oil acts as a cleaner and pulls all the junk out before it spreads throughout the body.  When doing this you are boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation in the body plus more. Here are some other benefits below.


Not only does it whiten your teeth, it reduces bad breath, can help prevent cavities and seems to reduce inflammation. It is known to improve the health of your gums. It is also known to help with plaque induced gingivitis.


When our immune system is clearing out toxic waste from our body, it drains our energy. Oil pulling lowers the amount of work our body has to do to function. This leaves us feeling lighter and more energized.


Toxins and inflammation are one of the leading causes to disease and illness. By oil pulling we are removing these toxins before they spread through the body, so we are doing ourselves the favor of detoxing.


When the body is under stress, headaches and migraines can occur. It is our body’s way of telling us to rest. Thus, eliminating bacteria from the body by oil pulling will help you avoid headaches.


When we remove toxins from the body, we are also removing them from our bloodstreams. This gives our skin a chance to shine.  Oil pulling can help reduce rashes and many other skin related issues.


Oil pulling is not only simple and easy but it is also affordable.  Most of the items you need are already in your kitchen.  If you are looking for an effective routine in aiding and detoxifying your body naturally give it a try and see some amazing results.



It is recommended to do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Measure one tablespoon of oil. Can be coconut, sesame or olive oil. All should be natural and organic.  (I prefer coconut oil)
  2. Swish it around your mouth and in between your teeth for about 15 – 20 minutes but DO NOT SWALLOW any oil. ( you don’t want to digest any of the toxins you’re trying to get rid of)
  3. Spit the oil into a trash bag once you are done. Avoid spitting into the sink or toilet because it may lead to clogging.
  4. Rinse your mouth well using water before eating or drinking anything.


You can repeat these steps a few times a week. If it’s hard for you to keep the oil in for that long it’s ok to start doing it for 5 mins and increase the duration as you go.  Happy Oil Pulling guys!!!


Meet the Writer

 Raven Robinson is currently working on being the best version of herself and learning how to live in the moment and enjoy life in the present. Meditation is something she started earlier this year and it has been an amazing part of her self-love journey. Right now her passion lies with starting the ground work to one day start her own business but she is also passionate about spreading positive vibes and love to those who can use that extra boost of love and positivity every now and then. Check her out on Instagram: @_r.vn_ !

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