No More Body Goals: Trying To Look Like The Best Version Of Myself.


By: Natasha Lanausse
Have you ever noticed that every time you go shopping and its time to try stuff on, you notice every imperfection that you have? I went jean shopping yesterday and when I was trying them on, I looked in the mirror and gave my reflection the side eye. I caught myself quick though! I had to tell myself, “girl you fire and you know these fitting room mirrors are out to get you.”
I always leave the store declaring that I need to hit the gym.
Whenever I began to adopt a new gym regimen, I would make various Instagram models my screensaver, reminding me of my body goals. Instagram is not life; social media is an illusion that I got caught up in! I would literally be running on the treadmill checking the picture of Draya on my lock screen because that was the picture that I was up, the goal; #OperationDrayaBody. My favorites were Draya, Sheneka Adams, and Lira Galore. All of these 3 women are beautiful baddies and I thought they were #GOALS! No shame in that, right? Me loving them and their body didn’t mean that I loved myself less.
One day, my boyfriend (he was my off and on personal trainer) and I were watching workout videos and I was like “Yasss that’s going to give me the _______ body” and he just looked at me. He told me to focus on trying to look like a better version of myself and not somebody else. I told him that I don’t know how that “better version” looks and he told me to go find out. Now that really made me think – like am I doing this for myself? Or am I trying to match the pictures of women that I see often on social media? Is all of this really for my satisfaction?
I realized that it was ridiculous to try to look like other people, especially people who most likely had surgery to help them get to where they are at. I’m not opposed to surgery at all. If you want something to change and you got the money, do you sis! But what if you pay that and you still find an imperfection to nitpick about? As women, we always find ONE flaw to blow out of proportion and think that life will end if we don’t fix the flaw. We’re bugging. We gotta chill.
I started doing things for myself like eating better and going to the gym. I felt less pressure while worrying about myself. I was okay with slower progress rates. It became about health, not body image. Those are two very different things! Remember that.
You will be happiest staying in your lane and working intentionally towards something FOR you. Do you want to improve your appearance for superficial reasons or do you really care? Life is better when you just care. We all act like we are the most confident people to ever exist, which is a lie. Self-esteem is at an all time high in society but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our moments. I had my moments and sometimes I still do.
Take care of yourself honey! Drink your water, eat your fruits. stay active, and live your beautiful life! Beauty comes from within and life is much more fun when you stay in your lane. You have to be so comfortable with yourself that you’re excited to see your reflection. The next time you look in the mirror, just look at yourself and realize that you got the juice AND the squeeze. 🙂





Natasha Lanausse

Lover of life, positive energy, history, money and traveling. Size 10 in jeans and loves to read. E-Commerce Specialist during the day but dreams of helping others reach their full potential.

Instagram @TashAndTheCity

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