Never Look At It As Wasted Time


I remember I felt like I wasted my time with someone. I think we’ve all had a moment like that. The last thing we want is someone wasting our time and were usually so mad at them and ourselves when they do. It’s like a part of your life was taken away when you could of been doing something else or someone else. (haha) I remember saying “I’ve been with this person for x amount of years and put up with and been through so much just for it not to last, just for him not to choose me.”

That was the hurt in me talking. That was the regret and the disappointment in me talking. I had to chill and realize, I actually loved this person and they actually loved me. We made mistakes and we didn’t work out but we had good times and good moments. There was a time when we were in love or loved being with one another. There were times where we laughed and really enjoyed one another. All of those times were times that I choose him and he choose me. I looked back at the great times and moments and smiled.

I realized I didn’t waste time at all I was loving who I choose to love and I don’t regret giving my all at all. Even if I stayed through heartbreak after heartbreak, I don’t regret it. The fact that I gave my all is what makes it easier to let go. Even when you break up with someone you learn so much about yourself. You can now take time to yourself and prepare yourself for the next chapter in your life and new experiences.

Of course we may get anxiety when it comes to time we put in because time is something we can’t get back. But sometimes you have to be happy that you still have time left to make everything better. The good thing about life is that it goes on. So if you feel like you wasted or you’re currently wasting your time with someone, try not to waste anymore time with them. Accept things for what it is and act accordingly. Value your time more and make the most of it.

Whether you are 21, 27, 32, 45, or 60 never regret the time spent with someone because at a time it was what you wanted to do. Spending time regretting is actually wasting time it’s like reliving the same months or years over and over again, not allowing your self to move forward. Never ignore the signs and learn to cut things off before things get too deep, to prevent yourself from heart break further down the line. The more time invested the harder it becomes. It’s never too late to find the love you want whether it’s in yourself or with someone else.

It’s not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new chapter. Whatever you do, keep loving.



LeAisha Lenae

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