Don’t Get Too Caught Up, Scrolling.



It’s so easy to get distracted when you don’t want to do something, like homework or a project. So we procrastinate, not on purpose all the time but sometimes unknowingly. It’s even worse when you actually want to do something and you planned on meeting a certain goal and you get distracted. One of the main distractions nowadays is social media. We scroll and scroll as if we’re looking for gold at the end of the feed. Sometimes re-reading the same posts and seeing the same pictures. Between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat we have more than enough posts and distractions to stop us from completing our daily goals for days and days.


I think we all had times were we would literally plan our day beforehand. From the time we wake up to the time we plan on leaving the house, to the time we’re going to take to finish our homework or project, and even the time were going to take on our hobby or passion. The day comes and we only complete half of our to do list or sometimes we complete nothing at all. Night time comes and we literally wish we would have been more productive because all we did was stay in the house, watch our favorite shows, eat, sleep, and wow scrolled through FB, IG, and Snap for a combined total of 8 hours. So we say “ I’ll try again tomorrow”.

We’ve spent our entire day not on making our life better but on watching how other people are living their lives. We did not utilize our 24 hours efficiently at all. Only thing we didn’t miss was every post that popped up on our newsfeeds.

Enough is enough.

I had to starve my distractions in order to really live my life and do everything I needed to do and everything I planned to do. I had goals and I needed to meet them daily. First thing first, you have to really want to achieve whatever goal you set. When you do want to meet a goal nothing or no one can stop you, not even social media, especially when you feel like enough is enough and you have to get your train moving. Once you come to that conclusion plan for tomorrow with realistic goals.

Next step is taking your phone and tossing it. Throw it down the nearest flight of stairs and step on it on the walk down. Just kidding. But we have to learn how to act like we don’t have a phone sometimes. What works for me is leaving my phone in one room while I go work on whatever I need to work on in the next room. Now if you have kids put your phone on ringer just in case they call you or there’s an emergency. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend let them know what’s going on and how unavailable you are for the next hour or two.

Sometimes putting my phone on Do Not Disturb for IPhones or on silent for any other device works. However, even on silent, when your phone is next to you and you decide to take a slight break from working the first thing you do is reach for your phone unconsciously. Next thing you know you see that the group-chat was lit all this time and there you are now entertaining the group chat. Better yet you get a notification from Instagram or Facebook and now you’re scrolling through Instagram for an hour, completely ignoring what you were just working on. But now you’re on someone’s page you don’t even know. We set ourselves and our goals back another day when it could have been done today. If its hard to leave your phone in one room while you go in another, log out of all social media and tell yourself “from 2pm- 4pm (for example) I have to strictly do work”. Challenge yourself to not go on any app for two hours and if that’s too hard start with an hour. If you make it through, reward yourself with only five minutes of Instagram / Facebook time only and get back to working for another hour. It’s hard for some but once you realize you really have a lot to do and no time to waste it becomes easier.

Like today, I woke up at 9:30am allowed myself to scroll through social media for 30 minutes, participated by posting something and after that left my phone in my room and went to the kitchen. I already knew I wanted today to only be the day I write as much as I can, at least five articles. No time for anything else. And I did, with just a pen and notepad in my kitchen at my table I got so much done and was so proud.

Then when I went back to my phone I didn’t feel bad because I met my daily goal and had a productive day. I actually didn’t care to be on my phone because I didn’t want to stop working. Once you know what you are capable of doing without any distractions starving your distractions becomes a ritual.


Le-Aisha Lenae



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