My Vagina Means Everything to Me


Listen, my vagina is my world. And I need everyone to be on the same page when it comes to theirs. My vagina is my bestie. I learned some new great things a few months back about better ways to take care of your vagina that I did not know growing up. So I thought I’d make the world a better place and share. But before you continue to read please acknowledge that your vagina and body is a temple and should be treated as such by yourself and anyone coming close to it.

Now I don’t know if my health teacher in High school was timid and didn’t want to give us all the dets’ while we were in front of the guys when it came to health and woman taking care of their vaginas but they left out a few things. Many woman don’t know a lot of these things and from woman to woman its important not to judge one another. Not everyone has the tools to get this knowledge and sometimes their mothers or grandmothers don’t know either. Also, one day it can be you. So lets commit to teaching each other and not clowning each other.

But any who here’s the tea.

  1. Don’t use soap near or in your vagina. I understand the logic of thinking you’re about to get lil’ mama squeaky clean however, it does mess with your PH Balance. For some woman their PH balance is more prone to go off-balance than others. Everyone’s body is different. Don’t panic. But no soap. Sure mild soap on the pubic hair is fine but cleaning the crevices with just water will do the job. Please clean the crevices.
  2. No spraying. No perfume, No douching, No Victoria Secret smell good. Please no. A trick for me is just spraying body spray on my thighs or inner knees, it goes a long way if you’re trying to give that extra sexy. And plus the vagina has a natural smell to it, it shouldn’t be strong but the better you take care of your body by what you eat and insert in it (wink wink) the more confident your bestie will be when she steps out. By insert also make sure your partner is clean, clean of dirt and STDs. If dude or female can’t handle the mild natural smell, not fishy smell ladies, but natural smell then they need to not be engaging in sexual activities. Real ones know woman deal with way more fluids than men and its way more sensitive and prone to bacteria. If you have an odor, don’t feel embarrassed even though its embarrassing, take the steps you need to take to make it better. That’s all that matters. Learn your body. Visit the doctor and take it from there. No need to fright.
  3. Pee after sex. Not only does it feel good, but it removes any bacteria that could have gotten inside the vagina during intercourse. Especially if you usually have unprotected sex, whether the guy ejaculates in you or not you should be using the restroom after. Yes the bestie cleans herself but we gotta make her job a little easier and help flush her. After that knockout I know we barely ever wanna get up. But just think about your bestie and how much you love her and how much she holds it down.
  4. Try to wear cotton underwear because it allows your vagina to breathe. And make sure they fit. Nothing too tight and restricting. Also when you go to bed try sleeping without underwear. It’s actually amazing, just as freeing if not more freeing than taking your bra off. I just started taking my bra off when I go to bed and I’m 23, I had to grow up one day I don’t what took me so long. But anyways..
  5. Shaving and waxing. Honestly I don’t feel like there is a right way to shave to not get razor bumps because everyone has different skin textures and sensitivity. But try shaving in the same direction. If you’re a shaver its important to allow the skin on your vagina to get moist and warm. You never want to shave with dry skin that’s a disaster waiting to happen, or should I say bumpy road waiting to arise. But seriously also use razors that have more than 1 blade and are gentle, it helps pick up the hairs easier without much friction. Also don’t drag the razor too close or roughly against your skin. Exfoliate with a wash cloth and body scrub thats not too harsh for your personal skin. For waxing make sure their materials are clean and not being reused by the same people. At European Wax they use individual craft sticks to dig up the wax to lay it across your skin until the wax drys and then they peel off the hard wax. The craft stick is thrown out and a new one is used to reapply in another area so that there is no double dipping. If you’re interested here’s the link and you can say that a friend “Le-Aisha” referred you for their first timer discount. 🙂 .


Of course there is more but these are some of the basics that a lot of us didn’t know about. Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water is also important. It’s not easy to eat healthy I know about the cravings and the expenses. But when you care about your health you start watching what you eat a little more. Start slow or have your own personal restrictions. But water is an all around major key. Also watch who you let inside. Know your worth and add tax. Not saying not to have sex, just saying have safe sex. I would only recommend unprotected sex if you’re in a committed relationship, but things happen. Whether you want to do it with whoever, that’s your prerogative.  You should still be able to talk to you’re partner about each others health. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions when it comes to your health and well being. As much as you love sex you should love to protect and take care of yourself in order to make sex fun and not awkward or fearful. And don’t forget to put yourself first at all times. Bless up Ladies.





  1. Alexis Williams

    Yasssss ! Hit it right on the nose we did not learn this is school it was definitely learning as you go or asking questions at your Gyn visit or definitely reading up on taking care of your “bestie”


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